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Photo: M.D. of Greenview

Thinking Big For Our Energy Needs Isn't New.


Alberta's legacy in large-scale energy projects started with oil and gas.

Our current innovations and energy diversification efforts come from our past legacies.

Why Geothermal?

Photo: Exergy International

Using our existing skills and expertise in drilling and building power infrastructure,

geothermal is a natural fit for Alberta.

Benefits of the Heat Beneath Our Feet


Heat and Power

Geothermal is the only renewable resource that can provide constant heat and power.

Environmentally Friendly Facility

Geothermal facilities generate clean energy and have a smaller surface footprint per MW than other renewables.

Photo: Exergy International

Economic Growth Opportunities

Geothermal supports industries that require heating, such as greenhouses, breweries, crop drying, and lumber.

Alberta No. 1  is leading the next chapter of the province's energy story.