Project AB#1

Building a new legacy from the ground up.

Project Highlights


No. 1 Geothermal Limited Partnership - a consortium led by:

  • Terrapin Geothermics

  • PCL Construction


Near Grovedale, Alberta


Anticipated Output

5 wells proposed (production and injection)

  • 8 MWe gross (5 MWe net) binary geothermal facility

  • First Canadian deployment of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) radial outflow turbine for geothermal power generation

  • District heating system providing heat to a number of light industrial facilities

Project Developer: Terrapin

Terrapin is a clean energy project development firm that flips the traditional development model on its head. By bringing third-party capital to the table, Terrapin offers industrial clients a turnkey solution that maps, evaluates and implements the most economically viable heat to power technologies in the market.


Terrapin believes that high quality heat resources with clean, baseload potential are key for a revenue-positive energy transition. It unlocks this potential by converting heat to value through geothermal heat use, direct heat use, and industrial waste heat to power.

Legacy building starts with great leaders.

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