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Alberta No. 1 Geothermal Energy Project

Building a new legacy from the ground up.

About the Project

Alberta No. 1 is the province's first conventional geothermal heat and power facility and a signature  Terrapin energy project. Located in the Municipal District of Greenview, Alberta No. 1 is proudly being built in Alberta by Albertans.

The Alberta No. 1 name is a nod to Leduc No. 1, the site of Alberta's major oil discovery in 1947. This name was chosen to signify how Alberta's legacy in oil and gas can be used for a renewable energy frontier. Due to its location in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and its existing assets and expertise, Alberta is uniquely positioned to become a leader in the geothermal space, and Alberta No. 1 is leading this next chapter of the province's energy story.




The Alberta No. 1 geothermal energy project is owned by the No. 1 Geothermal Limited Partnership and developed by Terrapin Geothermics.

The project is seeking additional equity investors.
Contact us for more information.

The project will consist of a wellfield, a binary cycle electrical generation plant, and district heating infrastructure.

Municipal District of Greenview, Alberta, Canada

Current Stage

Est. Completion

Anticipated Output

In Development

Q2 2025

  • 10 MW of clean, baseload electricity

  • 985 TJ/year of clean, baseload heat for a district heating system, providing heat to a number of light industrial facilities


Offsetting Carbon

Phase One of Alberta No. 1 will contribute geothermal energy to the grid. This will result in over 96,000 tonnes of carbon offsets at full production of clean electricity and heat.

This is equal to
taking 20,878 cars off the road.

Minimizing Land Use

Geothermal energy generation has the smallest land use per megawatt than any other renewable resource. Alberta No. 1’s 10 MW power plant will only require 8 acres (or just over 3 hectares) of land.

Alberta No. 1 will further minimize its land impact by utilizing
previously disturbed land from oil and gas activities.

Image by Federico Respini

Supporting Industries

The heat generated from Alberta No. 1 will be provided to several light industrial facilities, supporting key sectors including wood manufacturing and sustainable agriculture.

Alberta No. 1 is currently seeking additional co-location opportunities for heat offtake facilities!

Creating Opportunities

A natural fit for Alberta’s evolving energy sector, Alberta No. 1 Phase One will create over 300 indirect and direct jobs.

With five proposed wells as deep as 4,000 metres, the project will utilize legacy expertise to drill for clean heat and power.

Well Driller
AB#1_UofA_Press Release Photo.png

Carbon Negative Energy with CCUS

Alberta No. 1 partnered with the University of Alberta to investigate carbon sequestration opportunities in geothermal energy.

Combining CCUS with geothermal development makes this renewable resource not only carbon zero, but
carbon negative.

Project Developer: Terrapin

Terrapin Heat to Value Logo - Transparen

Terrapin Geothermics Inc. (Terrapin) is a project developer focused on emission-free energy projects to help industry thrive in a net-zero world. Terrapin specializes in generating clean, baseload electricity and heat from industrial waste heat and deep geothermal resources. Utilizing its unique project development model across a diverse range of industries, Terrapin brings together the key players needed to identify, conceptualize, finance, design, construct, and operate its Heat to Value projects. Terrapin is industry agnostic, but primarily operates in the oil and gas sector to support energy leaders’ decarbonization efforts.


Legacy building starts with great teams.

Project Support

Alberta No. 1 is partially funded by Natural Resources Canada as part of their Emerging Renewable Power Program.

NRCan-RNCan (Partially Funded) Wordmark.
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