Other Uses for Geothermal Heat

Photo: Exergy International

Value of Heat

  • More than 60% of Canada's energy needs are used for heating (space and water)

  • Geothermal is the only renewable energy source that can provide baseload heat on a utility scale

  • Geothermal direct-use applications were used by Indigenous populations for thousands of years (bathing, cooking, and sacred rituals)

  • Globally, Canada is 5th in direct utilization of geothermal by energy used (TJ/year)

How Direct Use Works

Fluid is pumped from the well and either used directly or pumped through a heat exchanger to transfer heat to the application.

Heat can be transported to neighbouring facilities via a district energy loop.

Alberta No. 1 is exploring light industrial direct-use options near  Grovedale in the Municipal District of Greenview.

Direct Heat Uses Cascade Pathways

Geothermal direct-use can support industries that require high amounts of heat.

In Alberta, this can include greenhouses and composting facilities, lumber drying, and pasteurization of agricultural and food products.