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Alberta government laying the groundwork for geothermal energy development

October 7, 2020 – The Alberta No. 1 team is pleased with the announcement made today by the Provincial Government of its plan to introduce a regulatory framework to support Alberta’s geothermal energy development. A ground-breaking move to diversify the Province’s energy sector, regulation will allow for rapid advancement of geothermal projects in Alberta and the continued development of Alberta’s geothermal industry. Unlocking the industry through a robust regulatory framework built on the experience of decades of oil and gas extraction is a very positive step.


A regulatory framework is the next obvious step forward for the Alberta Government, which currently supports geothermal development through access to publicly available geoscience and engineering data.  This information has helped Alberta No. 1 to define its targeted resource, reduce exploration costs and support the commercialization of this base load energy source.


Proudly led by an Alberta-based team, Alberta No. 1 is excited to participate in industry consultation during the development of geothermal energy legislation and regulations. Alberta No. 1’s geothermal power and thermal energy facility is to be located south of Grande Prairie, Alberta, in the Municipal District of Greenview #16. Gearing up to drill its first test well in 2021, the resulting facility will produce clean, baseload electricity and thermal energy for developing industries.


“As a born-in-Alberta geothermal professional, my career has come full circle, as I have recently returned to Alberta after advancing projects across the globe. I am heartened by the foresight of the Alberta government to embrace this base load, long-lived, sustainable power source.  An asset to be developed, whose time has come within the context of the green energy transformation.  Congratulations to the Government of Alberta.” Dr. Catherine Hickson, CEO of Alberta No.1 and Vice President of Geothermal Canada (


Geothermal energy is a unique fit for Alberta, as the drilling of geothermal wells and maintenance of power plants utilizes the skills and technical expertise Alberta’s workers have gained from decades of being energy leaders in oil and gas. Positioned to support many local energy intensive industries such as crop drying, lumber, pulp and paper, aquaculture and greenhouses, Alberta’s abundant geothermal resources can help meet their need for constant heat in a cold climate and supply them with green, renewable power. Meeting the Province’s high energy demands with geothermal energy will bring significant economic value, as well as reduce emissions, making it the gold standard among renewables.



About Alberta No. 1 (

About Alberta No. 1: Alberta No. 1 is a geothermal energy project located in the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16. Owned by No. 1 Geothermal Limited Partnership, it is developed and managed by Edmonton-based Terrapin Geothermics Inc. Alberta No. 1 is partially funded through the Emerging Renewable Power Program, administered by Natural Resources Canada.

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